Recently we were privileged to have a world famous choreographer visit us.

Ashley Wallen, (choreographer of The Greatest Showman who is now working on Kylie Minogue’s Kiss Me Once Tour), held workshops with LL Dance to our great delight

Ashley taught our students dance moves from the film and he also spoke about his experiences as a professional dancer and choreographer, including his time with with Mariah Carey, Will Young and the Sugababes.

Needless to say it wasn’t just exciting for our students,it was exciting for all the teachers to meet Ashley.

Dance school director Danielle Smith commented:

“I was a professional dancer and our paths have crossed through the years. He flew over from Los Angeles and is here for a week before going back, so he said he had a certain amount of time to do the workshop in. There were 78 people and parents have been emailing us to say their child is buzzing. The workshops were great. Everyone was saying how friendly he was and how helpful the choreography was that he showed everyone.”